Vision Statement

We envision our school district as an educational leader whose priority is to seek high academic standards, increase academic achievement, and develop our students’ learning skills.


We believe we bear the responsibility to be the education advocates for students.  We envision a cooperative learning environment that will encourage the participation of the community.

Confidence and Trust

We envision a school district which inspires the confidence and trust of its constituents and encourages the willingness to invest in the future of public schools.  We will provide evidence of our students’ accomplishments to affirm our effective use of the community’s investment.


We envision a school district that anticipates, and has the ability to manage change.  We will maximize student learning by initiating responsible strategies to prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

Cost and Stewardship

We believe we have the responsibility to be trustworthy stewards of the financial resources provided to us.  We will optimize those resources to enhance educational opportunities for students and the quality of life for our community.

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