Enrollment Procedures

Please select your child’s grade level for the upcoming school year and follow the instructions. 
Feel free to contact the school or district office if you have any questions.

1st–12th Grade Enrollment

Welcome to Rockford Public Schools.  We are committed to providing a quality academic program and many opportunities for co-curricular activities.  If you are a new student (or the parent of a new student), we invite you to review the following information: 

New Student Registration

To begin the enrollment process, complete the District Enrollment Request form and bring it, along with required documentation, to the building your child will be attending. If you are coming to from another district, please also complete the Release of Information form. Once the documentation is reviewed, you will receive an online access code via email to complete the registration process.

New Family/Transfer Enrollment Procedures

In order to enroll your child(ren) into Rockford Public Schools, we will need the following:

• Proof of residency in Rockford with parent/guardian’s name and residential street address (no P.O. boxes):

Current signed lease showing leaseholder’s name (parent and/or guardian), address, and contact telephone number or current property tax bill AND one utility bill.

• Original birth certificate.

Birth Certificate - The Michigan Missing Children’s Act (MCL 380.1135) requires that you provide a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate when you are enrolling in school.  We will return the certified birth certificate to you.  If you do not meet this requirement within 30 days, the school must notify local law enforcement.

• Complete immunization records.

Immunization Requirements - If your child is entering a Michigan school for the first time, please have your health care provider complete the immunization portion of the Health Appraisal form, or provide the school with a record showing that your child has received all of the required immunizations. Required Childhood Immunizations for Michigan School Settings

The Health Appraisal form, or other proof of immunizations, must be returned to the school your child will be attending on or before the first day your child attends school.

Kindergarten Enrollment

Each elementary school hosts a Kindergarten Registration in the spring to provide information for parents of kindergartners entering school in the fall. Students are given the opportunity to register for hearing and vision screening. You may contact the elementary building your son or daughter will be attending for your school's registration dates, or check the RPS website for the schedule.

When registering you will need:

• Original birth certificate

• Immunization records

• Proof of residency

 Parent registration packet (from Step 2 below)

To register your child please select the school they will attend by clicking the school name below.

BelmontApril 12, 20167:00 PM
CannonsburgApril 12, 20167:00 PM
CrestwoodApril 14, 20166:30 PM
LakesApril 12, 20166:30 PM
Meadow RidgeApril 12, 20166:30 PM
ParksideApril 12, 20166:30 PM
Roguewood & Spanish ImmersionApril 12, 20165:45 PM
Valley ViewApril 12, 20167:00 PM


There will be one vision/hearing screening date available to you on Friday, May 13, 2016 from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Administration Building (Child Care/Preschool area) located at 350 N. Main Street in downtown Rockford. To schedule an appointment, please call the nurse's office, at 863-6031 x7032.  If this date does not work for you, please contact your physician or the Health Department.

2016-2017 DK/Kindergarten Enrollment
It's done in three easy steps! This applies to students who will be turning five years old on or before September 1, 2016. If your child will turn five years old after September 1 but by December 1, you may enroll your child as long as you provide a signed age waiver form. Please use the following chart to determine district recommendations for placement and screening:2016-2017 Placement

Your child is 5 on or before April 30, 2016

*District recommended kindergarten placement

Your child's birth date is between May 1 & August 31*District recommendation to sign up for district screening
Your child's birth date is between September 1 & December 1*Waiver is required
*District recommended Developmental Kindergarten placement

Step One:   Register OnlineClick on the school name in the above table that your child will attend and complete the online registration so we know to expect your child.

Step Two:
Review and Complete Paperwork         Please review and complete the information below. If your student will require Transportation to a daycare address, please sign up here. 
PARENT REGISTRATION PACKET. Please complete and bring with you to Registration Night. 

PARENT REVIEW INFORMATION. Please review this information by selecting the school your child will attend.

• Belmont• Lakes• Roguewood & Spanish Immersion
• Cannonsburg• Meadow Ridge• Valley View
• Crestwood• Parkside

Step Three
Sign up for Kindergarten Screening (if applicable):
Refer to 2016-2017 Placement Chart above to determine whether the district recommends screening based on your child's birth date. If screening is recommended, sign up here.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the DK/Kindergarten enrollment process after completing the three steps above, please notify your elementary building directly.

Health Forms

If your student has a serious or life threatening medical condition, please complete the appropriate "Health Forms" (scroll to bottom of linked page for a list of health forms).  Forms are to be submitted upon enrollment, anytime the condition changes, and at the beginning of each school year.

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