Grades 9-12 Pacing Guides

We invite parents, students, teachers, and members of the Rockford community to view and/or print curriculum maps which represent every course taught at East Rockford Middle School, North Rockford Middle School, Rockford Freshman Center, and Rockford High School.



Generally, the Month column identifies the time of year. It may vary slightly from course to course.

Content: Topic Vocabulary
Identifies "what" is being taught at a given time.

Identifies what students should be able "to do."

Standards and Benchmarks
Identifies the Michigan Curriculum Framework's Standards and Benchmarks which are taught at a given time as part of the content of a course.

Michigan Employability Skills
Employability Skills include knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to be successful in any career.

Identifies teaching strategies used by teachers in a particular course.

Identifies the resources used by teachers to teach a particular topic.

Identifies assessment options.

9th Grade Pacing Guides

10th Grade Pacing Guides

11th Grade Pacing Guides

12th Grade Pacing Guides

*Since many courses are taught by multiple teachers, not every strategy, resource, and assessment is used by every teacher. This column shows the range of options available for teachers.

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