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Developing Healthy Kids 6:30PM

Event is associated with East Rockford,North Rockford,RHS Auditorium,River Valley,Rockford Freshman Center,Rockford High

Event Date: 01/22/2019

Event Time: 6:00 PM

Anxiety disorders are the most common
mental health challenge in the U.S., impacting
54 percent of females and 46 percent of
males, with age seven being the median age
of onset, according to the World Health
Organization. While anxiety disorders are highly
treatable, only one-third of those suffering receive
treatment. Due to increased societal pressures and access to technology,
anxiety is commonplace in our students, families, and in the workplace. As a
result, IndieFlix, a leading independent online streaming platform, along
with its non-profit arm, the IndieFlix Foundation, is sparking a global conversation
about anxiety through screenings of its brand-new documentary,
“Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety”. Everyone involved in the
development of “Angst” has a personal experience with anxiety – from the
producers to the interviewees. On January 22nd, Developing Healthy Kids
will hold a special screening to open up a dialogue between our RHS
students, families, community leaders and experts. The event will feature a
viewing of the 56-minute film, followed by an informative panel discussion
Location: 4100 Kroes Road Rockford, MI 49506