Crestwood Elementary Daily Schedule

8:30First Bell
8:35Tardy Bell
9:50-10:20RECESS: Mrs. Nap, Miss Macqueen, and Miss Kimbro
10:35-11:05RECESS: 3rd Grade
11:15-11:55LUNCH: Mrs. Nap, Miss Weiler, Miss Macqueen, and 4th Grade
11:40-12:20LUNCH: Mrs. Zimmerman, Albert/Kovacs, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade
12:05-12:45LUNCH: Miss Kimbro, Mrs. DuBridge, and 1st Grade
12:30-1:10LUNCH: Kindergarten and 5th Grade
1:15-1:45RECESS: 4th Grade
1:50-2:20RECESS: Mrs. Zimmerman, Miss Weiler, Mrs. DuBridge, and Albert/Kovacs
2:25-2:55RECESS: Kindergarten and 2nd Grade
3:00-3:30RECESS: 1st Grade and 5th Grade
3:15Developmental Kindergarten Dismissal
3:35K-5th Grade Dismissal