RHS Clubs and Activities

As our school grows, so does our student involvement in clubs and sports activities. Student participation has grown at a rapid rate. Last year we had approximately 1000 students participating in the programs offered to our students. The activities are varied including academic competition as well as athletic. The clubs include many unique learning experiences.


Advisor: Mrs. Wessely
Thursdays – 2:45 PM
RHS Room 232

Club activities include watching Japanese Anime (Animation movies) and may include making anime drawings and short animated films. Through these activities, students will experience film making and Japanese language and its culture.


Advisor: Mr. Keeler
RFC Room 124

Close Up is open to all students who are interested in our nation and its government. Students will have the opportunity to raise funds to go to Washington D.C., where they attend workshops about how the government operates along with sightseeing opportunities in our nation’s capital. They will also meet with the members of Congress.


Advisor: Amanda Carfagnini

The Dance Team performs at half time of both girls and boys varsity basketball games. The team learns routines of traditional pom and different styles of dance. Team members work on a wide range of routines for the different competitions as well as performances for school events. The season begins with try-outs in the spring. In June the team spends a week at summer camp and then continues through the state competitions meet in February.


Advisor: Miss V
Tuesdays – 2:45 PM
RHS Room 150

Are you interested in acting? Stage Crew? Improvisation? Musical Theater? Drama Club is the club for you!

ALL are welcome!


Advisors: Curt VanderZee
Jennifer VanderZee

The purpose of this organization is to promote continuous growth in programs fostering horsemanship education and to sponsor activities encouraging inter-scholastic participation for all interested high school students. The team will provide, conduct and host equestrian interscholastic programs. The club abides by the rules and regulations of the Michigan Interscholastic Horse Association.

Contact: pheasanthunts@yahoo.com for more information.


Advisors: Mrs. Kuipers
Wednesdays – 7:00 AM
Room: LGI

FCA presents to athletes, coaches and those people they influence, the challenge and adventure in following Jesus Christ. FCA is made up of individuals working together as a team, offering each other strength, support and the opportunity to grow in their faith. They have given to needy families, to prisoners working to-ward release and to students going to summer conferences. This club is not just for athletes, but for anyone interested in fellowship!


Advisor: Mr. Karsies
Monday – 2:45-3:30 PM
Room: 129

The Green Team is an environmental club that focuses on the presentation and improvement of the native Michigan ecosystem. We do environmental projects that will benefit the ecosystem around our school. It is a great opportunity to learn about our environment and how to care for it. We have put in a native garden on campus, and plan to add more. We hope to continue growing and making our school greener. Anyone who is interested in environmental science and preservation is welcome to join.


Advisor: Mrs. Clements
Tuesdays – 2:45 PM
Room: 247

GSA strives to build a safe space for all students as well as enable open discussion to confront bullying and prejudice. Contact Mrs. Clements if you have any questions.


Advisor: Mr. Garbarty
Room: 137 (RFC) 2:45-3:45

First and Last Wednesday of Month, 2nd and 3rd Tri Only

The German Study Club is open to all students interested in the German language and German culture. The club participates in various cultural experiences during the year such as a trip to German fest in Grand Rapids, meals at German restaurants, a German Christmas by the Edelweiss Choir, correspondence with German speaking pen pals and a annual exchange with students in Germany.


Advisor: Mr. Van Bragt
Thursdays – 2:50 PM
RFC Room: 103

This is a theater club where students practice the skills of improvisation.

By playing games similar to those on the television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” students learn spontaneity, character development, timing, and group trust through theatre games.


Advisors: Mrs. Gardner/Mrs. VanCuren
Thursdays – 7:15am/2:50pm
Room: 221

This is a group of active, friendly student volunteers with a goal to enhance and promote high school based activities that encourage volunteering, philanthropy and leadership development. The active membership (between 50-70) continues to grow throughout the year and students get involved where they are needed.


Advisor: Mr. Whitmore

Hockey starts in December. Join us at the Sports Plex in Cedar Springs for drop in Hockey. There is a minimal cost! Bring your helmet, skates, shin guards and gloves as they are required to play. The Sports Plex does have some equipment for rent on a first come basis.


Advisor: Mr. Burkholder (RHS)
Mr. Hosford (RFC)
Mrs. Amshey (RFC)
Room: Main office

The Leo’s are an international student organization that primarily focuses on community service. We have a goal to grow the Rockford Leo Club to be the largest in the country! Please stop by the main office to get details!


Advisor: Mr. Wells
Thursday – 2:40-4:00 PM
Room: 117

The Math Club’s main goal is to provide a fun place where students can utilize math and logic in an exciting way outside of the classroom. We attend math com-petitions throughout the year, such as the Grand Valley Math-Team-Matics tournament. Teams of students are made within the math club to attend these competitions. We also participate in the monthly Michigan Math League Contest, and other various math challenges. All students who enjoy math are welcome, from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus BC!


Advisor: Mr. Pilko/Mr. Hibdon
Room: 131

Junior and Senior students interested in the National Honor Society must maintain a 3.5 minimum GPA, be in attendance for at least one semester prior to induction, be recommended by faculty and be selected by a faculty council. Induction takes place in the spring. Members conduct a year-long leadership project and volunteer each semester at the Before and After Program.


Advisor: Mr. Gent

Rugby is a fast paced contact sport that involves aspects from soccer and American football. No experience is necessary to play, just a desire to work hard and learn a new sport. Rugby runs as a spring sport, practices start once a week after Christmas break and reaches full swing by the middle of February.

Contact Advisor- shawngent@gmail.com if any questions.


Advisors: Mr. Story RHS, Room 239
Mrs. Ponne RFC, Room 139

Hey all you winter sports lovers! If you want fun on the slopes, but not the high price of lift tickets and ski rentals then the ski club is the place for you. There are three ways to join and they all mean fun! For a minimal fee, you can get great discounts at Rockford’s own ski resort, Cannonsburg.

Anyone interested see Mr. Story or Mrs. Ponne.


Advisor: Mrs. Avram – RHS
Tuesdays – 7:15 AM
RHS Room : Upper Media

Advisor: Ms. Ponne- RFC
Tuesdays – 7:15 AM
RFC Room: 149

At the end of each year Rockford High School holds an election for the Student Council. All students are eligible to run for position of officer or as a representative. The Student Council is dedicated to improving Rockford High School in scholastic, social and democratic function; to instill in its members the ideals of citizenship in a democracy by active participation in the government of the school. Be a part of Rockford’s future! We meet Tuesdays weekly at 7:15 AM and everyone is welcome!


Advisor: Mrs. Gardner
Fridays – 7:10 AM
Room: 221

We work to provide portable water to people worldwide. We fundraise, hold various events and travel to the Dominican Republic to realize our goal. We go to other schools in the Rockford area to educate others on the world water and sanitation crisis.


Advisor: Mrs. Modderman
Fridays – 7:15 AM
Room: 231
RFC Room: 149

The RHS Women’s Awareness Club works to end the violence, oppression and sexual exploitation of women around the world. Our main goal is to spread awareness on topics such as: rape culture, sexual assault, dating violence, human trafficking, and abusive relationships. Women’s Awareness works with multiple organizations including: the YWCA, Women at Risk (WAR), Safe Haven Ministries, Women HEAR for Women There, Chicago Books to Women in Prison, etc. All students are welcome to join!


Advisor: Mr. Story
Wednesday – 2:35 PM
Room: 239
RFC Room: 149

The Rockford High School Writing Club, The Type-Os, encourages students to passionately pursue writing. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, a story that needs to be heard. The primary goal of the club is to help students craft their stories and give them a place to share it. The club is work-shop-based and students are involved in a variety of activities each week such as: reading original stories aloud, commenting on stories, reading various professional works and analyzing the structure of the piece, and writing in class in response to various stimuli. Everyone is welcome to come and share their stories.