stethoscope laying on table
School nurse taking a student's temperature

District Health Nurse

616.863.6031  ext. 7030

Nursing Services Secretary

616.863.6031 ext. 7032

Nursing Responsibilities

  • Immunizations IP reporting to Kent County Health Department
  • Assessment of acute illnesses
  • Monitor and report health conditions
  • Emergency care of on-site student and employee injuries
  • Communicable disease reporting to Kent County Health Department
  • Protective Service referrals
  • Classroom teaching
  • CPR and first aid training for staff
  • Pre-kindergarten screening
  • Organization of employee wellness and fitness program
  • Vision and hearing screening coordination with Kent County Health Department
  • Implementation of OSHA Guidelines
  • Appraise the school environment to ensure healthful conditions
  • Monitor medication distribution
  • Prepare individual Health Care Plans for students with medical conditions
  • Provide individual services to students with critical medical needs
  • Coordinate communication of health care needs of a student to school personnel


It is our goal to be proactive in issues that affect the health of children. We wish to promote optimal learning in the educational setting while providing a healthful school environment.

Incoming Kindergarteners

  • Vision / Hearing Screening

Due to school closures and under the direction of our local health officials regarding the Coronavirus, Rockford Public Schools annual vision and hearing screening for incoming Kindergartners will be cancelled until further notice. We are working closely with the health department to reschedule this event when it is deemed safe to do so. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, please periodically check our website for a future screening date as this information becomes available.