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6:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Welcome to Transportation!

We strive to provide routing information promptly and accurately. Here are some steps to help you access that information.

When you enroll your student they are automatically placed on a bus route. The pick up and drop off location may be your driveway or a group location.

If your student needs to go somewhere other than your address, then please do the following things:

Make sure the daycare provider is in your home elementary district.  Go to

  • Click on “Now Registering Kindergarten Students for Fall of 2019”.
  • Click on “Kindergarten Enrollment”.

Under Step Two click on “Please review and complete the information below. If your student will require Transportation to a daycare address, please sign up here.”

Transportation will receive your request and process the information.


Your bus schedule will be available on Family Access. To check this information please do the following.

  • Go to
  • In the upper right hand corner click on “Family Access
  • Click on “Sign in to Family/Student Access”
  • Use the screen to sign in
  • Click on “Student Info”
  • In the middle of the screen click on “View Bus Schedule”. You can retrieve the routing information from that screen.

If something seems wrong or you need to talk to someone about this please contact Matt at 616.863.6328 X 5402

Matt will be at the DK Open Houses. He will be able to go over any questions you may have and supply you with any information you may need.

We trust your student will have a positive experience while utilizing the Rockford Public Schools transportation system. Knowing and understanding what is expected is important. Please take time to go over the bus passenger safety brochure with your student throughout the school year.


  1.  Is your number up? Meaning your house number, of course. Not only does this help out the school bus driver but it could also help you in the event of an emergency. Many times locating a correct address can be very difficult if your house number is not legible.
  2. Have you updated all your contact information at each school building for all of your children? Many times throughout the school year we encounter problems with disconnected phone numbers making it difficult to contact parents.
  3. Check your Family Access account for all your bussing information, including bus number, times, and bus stop pick-up/drop-off points. Family Access will be available the last week of August.
  4. Call the Transportation office if you require a change in bussing.
  5. Remember, your day care provider must live within the same boundaries as the school in which your children attend to benefit from Transportation.
  6. Each student is given one pick-up address and one drop-off address. The routing program will not permit multiple stops on varying days.
  7. The school bus driver has a difficult job to do. We expect the students to abide by the rules set forth to ensure safety for all. The school bus is an extension of the classroom – not the playground.
  8. Many of the buses have a camera system with audio. These systems cannot be viewed remotely. We only review video if there is a reported problem. The camera can be your best friend or…your worst enemy.
  9. Due to traffic flow, weather conditions, and many other factors, the school bus will generally arrive within a 10 minute window–5 minutes before or after your scheduled time.
  10. The school bus does not transport students to after school jobs, dentist appointments, or to local businesses in or outside the city limits. After school birthday parties, scout meetings, etc. cannot be transported due to the varying number of students on each bus.