ERMS and NRMS are the fortunate recipients of the 2018 REF $25,000 Founder’s Grant! Thank you REF!

It is Facebook Official!

STEAM’N in the Middle is coming to Rockford Middle Schools this coming school year!

We are so excited to share with you new opportunities for students starting in the fall of 2018 in the area of STEAM education. Elective classes will be enhanced and added in the STEAM departments and students will have opportunities after school to join clubs/teams to get them excited about computer programming, drones and robots. Each middle school will also be adding a makerspace which will be available to students after school so they can tap their inner creative and innovative spirits!

Special thanks to the Rockford Education Foundation for their support of STEAM education in the district and for the grant of $25,000 to build amazing opportunities for our middle school students.

More information will be coming soon but we wanted to share this news will all of you.

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