Greetings Meadow Ridge,

I can’t contain my excitement??  The motor home arrived safely yesterday in Summerfield at Harbour View Elementary School. The reception was so heartwarming! Open this link to see what the local newspaper printed the next day. The photos tell the story! I wish you all could have seen the kids dig through several of the 40 boxes of about 4000 books! I heard precious comments from kids like  “I can’t believe another school would do this for us”,  and “how can we ever thank them” and “I want to read them all”. It was priceless. I went through some classrooms and they truly did not have baskets of books to read in their classroom.

Thank you Meadow Ridge ! You have made a difference in the lives of 850 children in Florida!

I’ll see you next week to deliver the thank yous!

Kathy Munger