The following was sent to all RPS parents and guardians:

I am writing to make you aware of a hoax internet challenge that is currently appearing internationally.  The “Momo Challenge” is a series of trending videos that entice viewers to perform dangerous tasks including violent attacks and even self-harm. The “Momo Challenge” plays out on various forms of social media including Facebook and WhatsApp (a free messaging app that can block the identity of the sender) or gaming applications.  Additionally, it has been reported to have shown up in some online children’s videos via YouTube.  Momo invites recipients to participate in a series of dares or self-harm and threatens violence if challenges are not completed.

Rockford Public Schools continues to take diligent steps to capitalize on the educational benefit of technology while reacting to the increased need to mitigate access to objectionable content.  As we partner with parents, we want to provide you with timely information so you are aware of the “Momo Challenge” and use it as another opportunity to discuss with your child the importance of navigating the internet safely.

You can learn more about the “Momo Challenge” as well as tips for talking with your children about internet safety on the attached document.

We thank you for your partnership and hope that you find this information beneficial.


Mike Ramm
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction