Ideas for a Fun Summer of Reading

Summer is approaching and this is a great time to plan fun summer reading activities. Decades of research tell us that when readers choose their own books, and they enjoy what they are reading (magazines, graphic novels, fiction, etc.), they are more likely to keep reading. And if you’ve never Googled the benefits of reading, try it! In addition to learning interesting facts and enjoying stories, vocabulary and test scores improve, stress levels drop, and empathy can increase.


Summer Reading Ideas for All Ages


  • Visit your local library and…
  • Ask a librarian for book suggestions.
  • Try a new author.
  • Find a new format or genre (graphic novel, non-fiction, poetry, mystery, science fiction, etc.) to read.
  • Reread a favorite book.
  • Start your own mini book club with a friend or family member.  
  • Read an entire series of books, start to finish (or read all the books by one of your favorite authors).
  • Think of a book you enjoyed, then read a different book by the same author.
  • Check out one of the new books at the library.
  • If you babysit, or have younger siblings or neighbors, check out something to read aloud to them.
  • See which authors are scheduled to visit Epilogue Books in downtown Rockford, read one of their books, and then meet the author.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to recommend a book or author.
  • Participate in one or more of these free summer reading programs:


Free Summer Reading Programs


AudioFile/SYNC’s free audiobooks for teens

  • Who: Teens
  • 2 free titles available for download each week.
  • Titles range from new fiction to Othello, the Shakespearean play.


Barnes & Noble


Kent District Library

  • Who: Readers of all ages
  • Summer Reading Program sign up begins online or in person starting May 28.
  • Great summer events and prizes!
  • Look at their website for event calendars, book ideas, and more information.


Schuler Books

  • Who: K-8th graders
  • Summer Reading Kick-Off Party is Saturday, June 1, 11 AM – 2 PM.
  • Check their website for specific details about prizes and requirements.


Try Reading Books from a List