Arena Scheduling is about to begin for incoming freshman (Class of 2023)!

Arena Scheduling is a feature of Student Access by which students are able to place their courses for next year by trimester, hour, and teacher. The timeline for Arena Scheduling is as follows:

Saturday, June 1 9:00 AM Special education students Arena scheduling opens at 2:35 p.m. on June 4 for incoming freshman and will remain open until 7:40 a.m. on June 11.  Take your time and work through the various options. Requests only available for scheduling
Monday, June 3 2:35 PM Class of 2020
Tuesday, June 4 2:35 PM Class of 2023
Wednesday, June 5 2:35 PM Class of 2021
Thursday, June 6 2:35 PM Class of 2022
Saturday, June 8 9:00 AM Class of 2020 Finish/adjust schedule All open courses available for scheduling
Saturday, June 8 1:00 PM Class of 2023
Sunday, June 9 1:00 PM Class of 2021
Sunday June 9 5:00 PM Class of 2022
Tuesday, June 11 7:40 AM All students Arena scheduling closes
August     Drop and add period pre-Tri 1
November     Drop and add period pre-Tri 2
February     Drop and add period pre-Tri 3

Note: Arena scheduling will be closed during the school day so as not to disrupt instructional time.

  • Counselors will be available after school to assist students and answer questions.
  • There have been changes in some students’ requests due to classes not having enough requests to be staffed in 2019-2020, or in the case of classes with more requests than availability.
  • Please see the links and attachments for some helpful items:
    • Short Instructions: Click HERE
    • Long Instructions: Click HERE
    • Video Instructions, about 9 minutes long: Click HERE
    • Planning Grid (do this first): Click HERE
    • RHS-RFC Teacher Schedule Trimester 1 for 2019-2020: Click HERE
    • RHS-RFC Teacher Schedule Trimester 2 for 2019-2020: Click HERE
    • RHS-RFC Teacher Schedule Trimester 3 for 2019-2020: Click HERE

Best wishes in building a great schedule. Remember that, even if you don’t get every class exactly where you’d like it, you will still be able to build a better schedule than one that is randomly-generated!

Freshman Center Counseling Office 616-863-6350.