UPDATE at 4:35 p.m.

In follow-up to my email earlier today regarding EEE being identified in Kent County, all evening activities, practices, and competitions at RPS will be rescheduled to conclude by dusk until a hard frost occurs. The Kent County Health Department estimates this to be some time in November. Friday’s homecoming football game has been rescheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m.  Changes in schedules for other activities will be communicated through coaches and directors.

I can assure you that Superintendents throughout the Kent ISD are taking this matter seriously and are committed to working together to ensure the safety of students and adults for home and away events.

Thank you for understanding.

Dr. Mike Shibler
Superintendent of Schools


Please go to this link for information from the State of Michigan regarding Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

(URL https://www.michigan.gov/emergingdiseases/0,4579,7-186-76711_77442—,00.html)




The Kent County Health Department has just informed us that the EEE virus (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) has been detected in a deer carcass found in Kent County. The exact whereabouts has not been released.. No human cases have been identified in Kent County, however, “state health officials are encouraging people in Kent County to postpone, reschedule or cancel outdoor activities happening at or after dusk, particularly any events involving children.”
We are in the process of reviewing evening events and changes we can make to those schedules so they are done before dusk, including the potential of starting tomorrow’s homecoming football game earlier. You can imagine the logistics involved, so we appreciate your patience as we work through the details.
We will keep you informed as soon as we have more information.
Thank you,
Dr. Mike Shibler
Superintendent of Schools