When a group of Valley View Elementary students learned about an opportunity to compete in a state-wide math competition, they were all in!  On February 6, students in Mrs. Osborne’s third grade class – Anderson Cate, Cameron Chronowski, Ari Lehner, Cara Packard, and Kenzie Zimmerman – competed against six other five-member teams from across Michigan in the Perennial Michigan Math State Championship, a virtual math competition.

Teams are presented with timed math problems and earn points for being the first to correctly answer the problem.  Team member Ari Lehner said, “We all worked together to answer math problems.  Some of the problems included computation, algebra, and geometry.  The problems weren’t easy, but as a team we persevered and did our best.”

Ms. Osborne, stated, “This was a once in a lifetime experience for these brilliant third graders!  All their hard work, through the years at Rockford Public Schools paid off!  I’m so proud of each student!”

For more information, feel free to contact Ms. Osborne at scross-osborne@rockfordschools.org or visit the competition’s website at https://perennialmath.com/.

PHOTO CAPTION:  Students at the moment they learned they had won the state championship!