Dear Rockford family,

YOU ALL have been doing your part to grow student grit and perspective from the nervous little kindergartner right through to the anxious yet confident senior reaching for that diploma.   We want to celebrate the work you have all had a hand in creating through these kids that we have been blessed with.  It is a village working together to better the lives of each of their individual stories, especially in a year such as this.

To start the trimester, the Beyond The Rock students at RHS completed a short speech entitled, “My Pandemic.”  The students were asked to share their own personal experiences through this pandemic up to this point.  They shared some of the very difficult challenges it has brought, the new opportunities it has unexpectedly provided, as well as the lessons it has taught them and their hopes looking forward.  My one request to them was that be completely honest.  They were.  This is a compilation of these 64 individual stories pieced together as one voice.

We all have our own unique story.  This is theirs.

We hope this video gives you some uplifting perspective. In a year like 2020, sometimes some of the best medicine is hearing from each other and knowing we aren’t alone.