Earning College Credit

RHS students are enrolled as high school students while at the same time being enrolled at a local college taking a college course. These classes are taken instead of Rockford classes and are usually on the college campus. Students earn dual credit – they begin their permanent college transcript by earning a college grade and GPA. They also are awarded that same grade or given the option to earn credit (CR) on their high school transcript.

Diplomas on a table
Graduates in black, with orange draping ribbons stand up out of their seats

Graduation Requirements

To prepare students with knowledge and skills for the 21st century, Rockford Public Schools has created a thorough set of graduation requirements. With these requirements, students will be well prepared for their future endeavors, whether that be college, the armed services, or the workforce.

Online Learning

The Rockford Public Schools District embraces online learning as a way to teach 21st century skills to students, combining the Common Core State Standards with technology and communication skills. We provide students with the skills to be technologically literate, researching and improving opportunities for the infusion of new technology to enhance student achievement and instruction. We also provide training for teachers and staff to expand the use of technology as a teaching tool, provide employee online training opportunities, and integrate technology to enhance the alternative education program’s curriculum

Three young girls lean in working away on laptops
Teacher taking roll call

World Languages

Rockford Public Schools provides several world language opportunities for students, including French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  Spanish Immersion is also offered starting at the kindergarten level.