Michigan Art Education Association – Region 9 Exhibition, Grand Rapids Art Museum


Each Visual Art Educator who is an active member of the Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA) is encouraged to submit 5 pieces of K-12 student artwork at the Regional level each year. The extreme weather in January and February offered some challenges in completing artworks and making the submission deadlines. However, that didn’t stop Rockford High School artists from entering their art submissions. Artworks were selected by a guest juror who is a prominent community member experienced in the arts. This year several Rockford student artists received the honor of being chosen for the Region 9 Exhibition that was displayed at the Grand Rapids Art Museum from February 15-27.


Congratulations to the following High School students on their success at the regional level:

Group Photo (Top Row): *Leah Wolfgang, Acrylic Painting; *Abigail Wenger, Ceramics; *Kelly Edgecomb, Metals and Jewelry; (Middle Row): *Riley Wetzel, Charcoal Drawing; *Samantha Tow, Mixed Media Painting; *Brenna Sims, Ceramics; (Bottom Row): *Andrea Werkma, Metals and Jewelry; *Ava Hockey, Acrylic Painting

Individual Photos (Left Top to Bottom): *Isadora Cass, Charcoal Drawing; *Grace Joseph, Ceramics; *Madelyn Long, Acrylic Painting