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An “Example in Excellence” is not necessarily a star athlete or academic, but someone who shows strength of character and a willingness to go out of their way to help others. Congratulations to this year’s amazing Examples that we are so fortunate to have here in Rockford Public Schools!

Elementary School Recipients

Belmont Elementary: Jace Opoku-Agyeman

Cannonsburg Elementary: Crosby Chase

Crestwood Elementary: Oliver McInerney

Lakes Elementary: Sienna Van Stensel

Meadow Ridge Elementary: Lilly Rypma

Parkside Elementary: Kasin Gordon

Roguewood Elementary: Jayla Bozek

Valley View Elementary: Mia Vella

Secondary School Recipients

Special Services: Ella Hodgkinson

East Rockford Middle School: Lily Cutler

North Rockford Middle School: Gabe Gauss

Rockford Freshman Center: Olivia Cook

Rockford High School: Samuel Danner

Rockford High School: Bell J. MacKenzie

River Valley Academy: Bradley Reynolds

Rockford Virtual High School: Grace Moseley

Previous Examples in Excellence

2020–2021 Examples in Excellence

Ellie (Elizabeth) Sagorski Rockford High School
Armaan Amiri Rockford High School
Brady Haskins Rockford Freshman Center
Kennedy Goad North Rockford Middle School
Cristal Nink East Rockford Middle School
Brady Donovan Belmont Elementary
Owen Kemp Cannonsburg Elementary
Cameron Cook Crestwood Elementary
Camille Blasky Lakes Elementary
Kaila VanDrie Meadow Ridge Elementary
Caroline (Carly) Rhodes Parkside Elementary
Darien Potter Roguewood Elementary
Hudson Shore Valley View Elementary
Lydia Tyler River Valley Academy
Aaron Blum Special Services
Madisson Lising Rockford Virtual- Elementary
Isabella Rinderknecht Rockford Virtual- Middle School
Kattrina Kiselevach Rockford Virtual- High School

2019–2020 Examples in Excellence

Elsa Dondit Rockford High School
Natalie Hammer Rockford High School
Emily Schroeder Rockford Freshman Center
Jackson Wyble North Rockford Middle School
Carter Bissell East Rockford Middle School
Maeve Schuler Belmont Elementary
Lucy Elyea Cannonsburg Elementary
Allory Burkholder Crestwood Elementary
Benjamin Sluiter Lakes Elementary
Stephen Chien Meadow Ridge Elementary
Berkley Wiggerman Parkside Elementary
Malayah Jarrell Roguewood Elementary
Gabby Schmuker Valley View Elementary
Jenna Snyder River Valley Academy
Daxton Hune Special Services

2018–2019 Examples in Excellence

Ally Orvis Rockford High School
Dwight Hua Rockford High School
Isabel Macka Rockford Freshman Center
Isabelle Parks North Rockford Middle School
Cathryn Bennie East Rockford Middle School
Reed Binney Belmont Elementary
Anna TenBrink Cannonsburg Elementary
Addison Smith Crestwood Elementary
Sofia Roy Lakes Elementary
Lila Powers Meadow Ridge Elementary
Madalyn Lockard Parkside Elementary
Landon Smith Roguewood Elementary
Brayden Daniels Valley View Elementary
Catie Batchelder River Valley Academy
Samantha Hathaway Special Services

2017–2018 Examples in Excellence

Morgan McBain Rockford High School
Jackson Danner Rockford High School
Talia Emilee Osborne Rockford Freshman Center
Benjamin Lewis North Rockford Middle School
Addison Clum East Rockford Middle School
Samuel Rohrer Belmont Elementary
Austin Anderson Cannonsburg Elementary
Asa Jenkins Crestwood Elementary
Saige Riley Baldwin Lakes Elementary
Emily Bodbyl Meadow Ridge Elementary
Brody Bodbyl Meadow Ridge Elementary
Ty Blystone Parkside Elementary
Brody Phillips Roguewood Elementary
Zachary Ruda Valley View Elementary
Markwane Billingsley River Valley Academy
Nathan Garrett Special Services

2016–2017 Examples in Excellence

Montana Mott Rockford High School
Annika Severson Rockford High School
Ian Cook Rockford Freshman Center
Riley Thompson North Rockford Middle School
Briggs Maloney East Rockford Middle School
Keaton Morris Belmont Elementary
Gerrit TenBrink Cannonsburg Elementary
Ellyanna Kraai Crestwood Elementary
Lilly Teesdale Lakes Elementary
Peyton Bradford Meadow Ridge Elementary
Alexsys Phillips Parkside Elementary
Trey Brisbin Roguewood Elementary
Avery Nezwek Valley View Elementary
Trevor Hansen River Valley Academy
Taryn Northrup Special Services

2015–2016 Examples in Excellence

Nick Ignatoski Rockford High School
Tiana Colovos Rockford High School
Niyah Banfill Rockford Freshman Center
Charlotte Best North Rockford Middle School
Bailey Banfield East Rockford Middle School
Nathan Karelse Belmont Elementary
Chloe LaPlante Cannonsburg Elementary
Emma Campbell Crestwood Elementary
Madee Whitford Lakes Elementary
Jordan Eck Meadow Ridge Elementary
Michael Liggett Parkside Elementary
Reagan Zainea Roguewood Elementary
Logan Paul Valley View Elementary
Alyssa Autumn Vanhattum River Valley Academy
Lola Hein Special Services

2014–2015 Examples in Excellence

Megan Malley Rockford High School
David Newberger Rockford High School
Kiana Dufendach Rockford Freshman Center
Shea Burger North Rockford Middle School
Jean’Paul Osafo East Rockford Middle School
Jonas Ahonen Belmont Elementary
An Ngoc Khann Nguyen Cannonsburg Elementary
Roman Lowery Crestwood Elementary
Josh McCready Lakes Elementary
Marc Stewart Parkside Elementary
Madyson Alber Meadow Rodge
Gabriel Spees Roguewood Elementary
John Pekrul Valley View Elementary
Jessica Blackport River Valley Academy

2013–2014 Examples in Excellence

Nate Woznick Rockford High School
Tessa Powers Rockford High School
Max Christians Rockford Freshman Center
Cole Johnson North Rockford Middle School
Maddie Tomasko East Rockford Middle School
Avery Sluiter Belmont Elementary
Emilia Dufort Cannonsburg Elementary
Daniel Triesenberg Crestwood Elementary
Ethan Boening Lakes Elementary
Olivia Carey Meadow Ridge Elementary
Sadie Kampf Parkside Elementary
Sydney Judnich Roguewood Elementary
Andrew Lanham Valley View Elementary
Joey Whitmore Valley View Elementary
Madeline Johnson River Valley Academy

2012–2013 Examples in Excellence

Marcus Powers Rockford High School
Zoe Bruyn Rockford High School
Madison Mayle Rockford Freshman Center
Jacob Kelley North Rockford Middle School
Emily Pilarski East Rockford Middle School
Dimitra Colovos Belmont Elementary
Brecken Durham Cannonsburg Elementary
Claire Froumis Crestwood Elementary
Skylar Lennon Lakes Elementary
Chloe Bowen Meadow Ridge Elementary
Caitlin Baker Parkside Elementary
Chet Huls Roguewood Elementary
Erin Gaynor Valley View Elementary
David Davis River Valley Academy

2011–2012 Examples in Excellence

Kendra Bilardello Rockford High School
Julia Ceglowski Rockford High School
Mackenzie Vallad Rockford Freshman Center
Briana Houle North Rockford Middle School
Braden King East Rockford Middle School
Lauren Grinage Belmont Elementary
Lauren Crandle Cannonsburg Elementary
Chloe Van Eck Crestwood Elementary
Jenna Olson Lakes Elementary
Lukas Schuring Meadow Ridge Elementary
Megan Derby Parkside Elementary
Maria Bomer Roguewood Elementary
Mavis Johnson Valley View Elementary
Luke Gerald LaBarge River Valley Academy

2010–2011 Examples in Excellence

Alex Quinn High School
Peyton Wells High School
Maria Anel Freshman Center
Maja Hill North Middle
Anna Dornan East Middle
Anna Kurtz Belmont
Natalie Frank Cannonsburg
Ayden Kraai Crestwood
Alina Porter Lakes
Nate Kolenda Meadow Ridge
Madelyn McConnon Parkside
Jason Whittaker Roguewood
Sadie Smyth Roguewood S.I.
William Riddering Valley View
Benjaman Enter RVA