English Language Learners

Learning English as a second language can be challenging. It is our commitment to address the needs of each student for whom English is not their primary language through individualized attention, with appreciation and respect for their culture. Rockford’s ELL Program (English Language Learners) provides support to students in grades K-12 on an individual pull-out basis. Once the student has been assessed in oral, reading and writing proficiency, an immersion program is implemented.

Mom and daughter learning together
Kid practicing core math on chalkboard

Advanced Academic Programs

The vision of Advanced Academic education in the Rockford Public Schools is to provide exemplary differentiated programs and/or services enabling gifted learners to maximize their potential as productive learners. The Advanced Academic Program serves grades K-12 and is staffed by a director and two teacher consultants. All department personnel are required to possess a master’s degree in Advanced education and work with district personnel to support advanced learners. An array of gifted-related services and programs are available to students, teachers and parents.

Library Services

We have created a learning tool tailored specifically to meet the needs of our 21st century students. We provide the user access to our computerized library catalog, online databases, and multiple up-to-date literacy resources. Our students are given instruction, learning strategies, and practice in using the essential learning skills needed in the 21st century. It is our responsibility as the library and media services staff to provide an environment that supports and fosters successful learners, both now and in the future.

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Mom and daughter reading together

Literacy Department

The literacy philosophy of the Rockford Public Schools is to develop strong readers and writers who successfully interact with the text for in-depth comprehension; are motivated, fluent, and flexible; and choose learning as a lifelong pursuit. Our coaches provide support primarily in the elementary setting by facilitating classroom learning labs, demonstrations, collaborative and one-on-one professional support, promoting teacher inquiry, and initiating related professional development.

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention is a collaborative process of instruction, assessment, and intervention. It is designed for the early identification of students who are struggling in reading. RtI provides targeted instructional interventions with regular progress monitoring. The goal of RtI is to increase the likelihood of successfully mastering reading skills within the regular classroom.

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Special Education

Rockford Public Schools offers  a wide continuum of programs and services for students who qualify for special education. Rockford has a full diagnostic staff that conducts student evaluations and provides support services to students, teachers, and parents.