1:1 Device Initiative

The Rockford Public Schools District is committed to assisting students to pursue academic excellence using 21st Century technology tools that prepare them for college and careers in today’s global economy. New technology continues to change our world and provide positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. One of our primary District technology goals was implementing a successful 1:1 device to each student in Rockford Public Schools and ensure that each user’s interactions with technology contribute positively to the learning environment.

1:1 Device Initiative Vision Statement

Vision Statement:  Innovative thinkers effectively use technology and maximize the capacity of teaching and learning.

·         Establish adaptive and interactive inquiry-based learning

·         Give learners a voice and choice in attaining their learning goals

·         Provide personalized and authentic learning opportunities

·         Redefine collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity


RPS Goals:

  • Increase student engagement and performance.
  • Increase opportunities for students to apply knowledge, collaborate and communicate with others.
  • Empower teachers and students to engage in the curriculum through both traditional and digital materials.
  • Allow all students to participate in the learning process that is meaningful and individualized.
  • Engage and encourage students to think creatively, critically, and increase problem-solving skills.
  • Teachers design relevant content to be delivered through technology that addresses all achievement levels and makes differentiated instruction easier to implement.

K-8th Grade Device Information

All Kindergarten and 1st graders receive 16GB Apple iPad Air 2s.

Students 2nd through 8th grade receive Lenovo Laptops, L440, touch screen.


Parents/guardians must complete the Online Registration process via Family Access and sign the Technology Agreement portion and make a Device Protection Plan choice.  If these forms are not filled out for students K-8th grade, students will receive a device, but will not be allowed to take it home.  As soon as all forms are submitted, either online or in person, students will be allowed to bring the device home if parents/guardians so choose.

9th-12th Grade BYOD Information and Requirements

  • One of our primary District technology goals for 9-12 grade students is to ensure that each user’s interactions with technology contribute positively to the learning environment. With this goal in mind, beginning in 2019 we are continuing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for Rockford High School students.  All students, grades 9-12, are expected to bring a personally owned device for them to access throughout the school day.
    After running a successful BYOD pilot in several 9th grade classes, students (and parents) noted that by bringing their own devices, students enjoyed additional benefits. Some of the benefits cited are:
  • Students can pick a device more suited to their personal tastes than if they were issued a typical school issued device (they may select devices that are lighter, smaller, bigger, more powerful, etc.)
  • Parents and students would not need to be responsible for RPS property, and therefore, would avoid paying into the accidental damage program pool.
  • Students could store their own files (including music and personal documents) on their devices for personal use whenever it may be appropriate. Students could also use personal devices for non-school/non-education purposes. This is not possible with a school-issued device.
  • Students would not be subject to the RPS content filters and access restrictions when they are off school property. Any school-issued device is subject to web filter and access restrictions 24/7.

Acceptable devices include:
1. Chromebooks (purchased within the last 3 years)
2. Windows Laptops (running Windows 10)
3. Apple Devices:

  • a. Laptops (purchased within the last 4 years)
  • b. Tablets (including iPad Air or greater, purchased within the last 2 years – Must have attached keyboard)
  1. All devices must meet the following minimum requirements:
    1. 9.5” diagonal display
    2. Keyboard (physically attached as wireless keyboards have the frustrating ability to connect to or interfere with other student devices in a room of students).
    3. Web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer– Note that other browsers may create frustration for students while accessing content designed for the “big 3 browsers”)
    4. WiFi connection capability
    Should your child not have a device that meets the minimum requirements outlined above, the school will provide a Chromebook. This option is appropriate for any family that is not financially able to provide a device to their student.

District-Issued Mobile Device Protection Plan Details


In return for payment received, we will pay for specific accidental damages incurred to the District-issued mobile device while the device is not on school property.  This is to include the following incidents:

  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid spills
  • Drops, falls or collisions

We will not pay for loss or damage caused by, or resulting from the following:

  • Abuse, neglect or intentional damage including not following the original equipment manufacturer’s guidelines for proper operation and use.
  • Burglary, theft, robbery, vandalism, mysterious disappearance, floods or fires.

If damage occurs during the school day, on district property, the district insurance will cover the repair costs.  The damage must be immediately reported to the classroom teacher or media center for proper determination.

Summary of Coverage

Incident Description Covered Not Covered
Accidental Damage X
Liquid Spills X
Drops, Falls, Collisions X
Burglary, Theft, Robbery X
Vandalism X
Floods or Fires X


Payments & Deductibles

Costs are outlined below for an annual protection plan.  If this plan is seen as a financial burden to your family, please contact your building principal for alternate options.  If the protection plan is declined and an incident occurs, the student will be responsible for the full cost of the device repair or replacement.


Protection Plan Costs

Device Type  Annual Premium per Device
Laptop Computer (Grades 2-12) $15
iPad Tablet (Grades K-1) $15


Protection Plan Deductibles

Incident Cost
First Claim $40
Second Claim $80
Third Claim and after Full cost of device repair or replacement.


Repair & Claims Procedures

In the event of a broken or malfunctioning device, the following steps should be taken.  We suggest all device incidents be reported within three school days of occurrence.

  1. Report to a classroom teacher or Media Specialist.
  2. Deliver device to your school’s Media Center.
  3. Sign-out loaner device from your school’s Media Center.

If a device is deemed in need of a repair, a loaner device shall be provided.  This device shall remain in your classroom and cannot be taken home.