Ram’s Tale—also known as OUR yearbook!   Notes on Book Sales and Senior Photos

Yearbook Advisor: John Feeley —  jfeeley@rockfordschools.org

Book Cost:
$65 August 1st through Friday, September 30th—We hope you buy here!
$70 October 1st through Friday, December 16th
$75 December 17th through Wednesday, May 31st!

Books can be ordered at yearbookforever.com
● Select Rockford High School for ALL 9-12 students
● Ensure to select Rockford, Michigan as there are Rockford schools in other states!


Senior Pictures— The Requirements / must be wallet size & in color!

Before submitting your senior picture, please consider the following guidelines and requirements.
⮚ Be a wallet sized photo (2X3)
⮚ Formatted vertically
⮚ Appropriately dressed
⮚ Not full length
⮚ Full color image
⮚ No sepia or other toned images



*Digital images 300 DPI or greater

*Digital images over hard copy phones, especially in the case of shooting one’s own photo

*Turn in early!!


Email Pictures to jfeeley@rockfordschools.org
Please Email Pictures: DO NOT send links!
Senior Photos Due By Friday, December 9th, 2022
—1 week before Christmas Break