Orientation is required for freshmen. Please make every effort to get your student here on the scheduled day. Student arrival is staggered to ensure an efficient process for all. Please USE THE SIGN UP LINK TO SELECT YOUR ARRIVAL TIME.

The general format is described below for your planning purposes:

  • School Portraits – During the orientation, students will be photographed and will receive a student ID badge. All students will need an ID throughout the year to check out textbooks, use library materials, and purchase lunch. Please remind your student to dress for a school photo. Parents/guardians may choose to order portraits as well. Lifetouch will provide details for ordering online as we approach August 10.
  • Textbooks/Chromebooks – Once students receive their ID, they will receive the necessary textbooks for the first trimester and will proceed to the library. Students who are borrowing a school-issued Chromebook will check it out in the library.
  • Device Authentication (Chromebooks of Bring Your Own Device) – Students who are bringing their own device (BYOD) for school will bring it to orientation. All students, whether borrowing a school device of bringing their own, will access the RPS wifi for the first time at orientation. This will ensure that the device will work well on day one.
  • Learn the Building – Students may also elect to look around the building, find and organize their locker, and locate first trimester classes.

There is no formal presentation. Depending on the volume of students, it will take around 20-45 mins to get through all the stations. Parents are welcome to accompany their student, but it is not required. Make-up orientation is August 15, 2022.