Graduation Requirements

To prepare our students with knowledge and skills for 21st century jobs, Rockford Public Schools has created a thorough set of graduation requirements. With these requirements, students will be well prepared for their future endeavors in both college and the workforce.

R = Local RHS Graduation Requirement

Please note: a course may fulfill both a State and a local graduation requirement.

Course Requirements Credits Required Qualifying Courses and Other Notes:
Communications – R 0.5 Speech, Policy Debate, Theater, TV Studio 1.
English 4.0 English 9, AP Seminar, English 11 or AP Lang & Comp, and English in 12th: Option 1 – Senior Composition (or Tech Writing by teacher placement) PLUS one of: Contemporary Lit, Shakespeare, Psych Lit, Multicultural Lit, Sports Lit. Option 2 – AP Language & Composition or AP Literature & Composition.
Mathematics 4.0 Must include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Math or Math-related in 12th grade. Credit may be earned in middle school. Math-related approved classes for 12th grade (please note that “math-related” classes do not count as a math credit for college admissions): Chemistry or Physics beyond the graduation requirements, WT Controls, Accounting, Business & Personal Finance, Financial Management; KCTC: Acct Systems (1 year = 1.0 credit), Sustainable Agriculture (2 = 1.0), App Construction (2 = 1.0), Auto Collision (2 = 1.0), Auto Tech (2 = 1.0), Aviation Maint (2 = 0.5), Electronics/Electrical (2 = 1.0), Engineering & Site Design (2 = 1.0), HVACR, (2 = 0.5), Info Tech (2 = 0.5), Entrep & Marketing (2 = 1.0), Mechatronics (1 = 0.5), Precision Machining (2 = 1.0). 4th-year math may be a repeat of Algebra 2.
Physical Education 1.0 Health & Phys Ed 9.
Physical Education – R 0.5 Additional 0.5 credit of Phys Ed, or participation in Marching Band or an RHS-sanctioned sport or club for two seasons. Approved clubs are Dance and Equestrian. A student may also apply for a waiver of this 0.5 credit for outside athletic activities; see an RHS counselor for details.
Science 3.0 Earth/Science: 1.0 credit. Biology: 1.0. Chemistry and/or Physics: 1.0.
Social Studies 3.0 World Studies: 1.0 credit. American Studies: 1.0 credit. Economics: 0.5 credit. Government: 0.5 credit.
World Languages 2.0 Class of 2016 and beyond only: 2.0 credits of the same language. May be earned in grades K-8 under certain circumstances.
Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts 1.0 Art (all classes), Business (Bus Comm Advertising, Marketing, Multimedia), Communications (all classes), English (Writing for the Print Media, Yearbook), Life Management (Parenting Psych, Clothing), Music (all classes), Tech Ed (all classes). KCTC: Graphic Design, Regional Theatre Technology, Engineering CAD & Site Design Management, Hospitality/Baking/Culinary (2 years = 1 VPAA credit), Sustainable Agriculture.

Other Requirements

Credits Earned – R 27.5
Online Experience Incorporated into RHS curriculum.
ACT WorkKeys Test – R Silver or Gold level. Test is administered in 9th & 11th grades.
Junior Testing Requirement – R A good faith effort is a RPS Graduation Requirement. SAT is administered to all Juniors across the State of Michigan.