During the 2016-17 school year, the Rockford Public Schools grew the implementation of a systemic instructional framework, Gradual Release of Responsibility.


To ensure the best quality instruction for all students regardless of age or subject. To cultivate a community of learners (staff and students) who collaborate with peers to synthesize, process, and apply new learning.


The district provided certified staff with opportunities to grow instructional practices; escalating excellence for all stakeholders. This collective learning took place through a variety of support strategies, including targeted skill training, classroom learning labs, and continued research.

Where have we been? YEARS 1-2: (2014-16) Building a Base, Deepening and Applying Knowledge

• EXPLAINED and DEFINED the components of Gradual Release of Responsibility.

• PROVIDED targeted professional learning opportunities for all staff members.

• CREATED common vocabulary and understanding DK-12.

• INCORPORATED planned components of the GRR in lessons.

• STRENGTHENED instructional practices through PD including classroom learning labs experiences.

• INTEGRATED GRR into school improvement processes, lesson planning, and evaluations.

• FOCUSED on relevance and purpose statements.