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Learning a second language can be very challenging. It is the belief of Rockford Public Schools that each child will be treated as an individual, and cultural differences will be appreciated and respected. Rockford’s ELL Program (English Language Learner) is currently staffed with a program coordinator, a district ELL certified teacher, and two part-time ELL paraprofessionals. Support is given to students in grades K-12 through English Immersion. Students are assessed in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Eligible students receive varied degrees of language support based on proficiency scores. We help our English Language Learners assimilate into their new culture both socially and academically. We believe that human relationships are at the heart of learning for our ELL students. Establishing warm and positive relationships with teachers and staff is fundamental.

ELL staff will also work with the general education teachers of English Language Learners to adapt and modify curriculum and to reinforce classroom objectives. We work together to prioritize the general curriculum goals to be taught. All teachers working with ELL students provide a language-rich environment in which each student can thrive.

For questions, please contact the following staff members:

Jamie Wiley
District ELL Teacher


Larinda Fase
Director of Special Programs