At Rockford Public Schools, character education is an important part of the total educational program. Working together with parents, we are creating schools that develop responsible and caring students. Beginning with pre-school all the way through adult education, we emphasize the importance of a common set of character traits that include friendship, respect, trust, citizenship, commitment, the value of diversity, and other life skills. The Rockford Public Schools’ staff models these traits every minute of every day. An example of our commitment to character education is that every teacher and administrator participated in Capturing Kids’ Hearts training, a 3-day workshop that stresses the importance of character education and healthy relationships. Following the CKH training, teachers worked with their students to develop social contracts, the purpose of which was to answer the question, “How do we treat each other?” (For more detailed information regarding your school building’s character education program, please contact the principal.)

“Intelligence and character – that is the goal of true education”

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr


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