RHS Clubs and Activities 2023-2024

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As our school grows, so does our student involvement in clubs and sports activities. Student participation has grown at a rapid rate. Last year we had approximately 1000 students participating in the programs offered to our students. The activities are varied including academic competition as well as athletic. The clubs include many unique learning experiences.


Advisor: Ms. Todd
Mondays – 2:40pm
Room: 142

Art Outreach is a student led club focused on serving both our school and local community through art. The club is open to any student and offers volunteer opportunities, the ability to build leadership skills, peer recognition, and the chance to connect with community members.

Contact: ltodd@rockfordschools.org if you have any questions.


Advisor: Varies based on games you participate in
Days/Times will also be based on your game of choice
Room: Labs 202 & 204

For more details reach out to MThelen@rockfordschools.org

Esports is designed to give you the opportunity to play videogames both for fun and competitively. This is open as a drop in opportunity as well as a dedicated competitive team who wants to face off against others from around the country. Games include Valorant, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Starcraft 2, Fall Guys, and Minecraft.

Board Games Club

Advisor: Mr. Kyle Deboer

Monday at 2:35

Room 122

Board Game Club is a casual place to hang out and play games. Come any Tuesday after school to learn new games and meet new people. No need to sign up and no experience needed.

Contact: kdeboer@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Mrs. Burkholder
Thursday @ 2:30pm
Room 101

Come join us for Digital Art Club in a relaxed atmosphere where students can work independently or with friends to explore the Adobe Creative Suite! Photoshop, Light Room and Illustrator to name a few, and we also have beautiful Wacom tablets for those artists in the group!

Contact: mburkholder@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Mr. Leader
Tuesdays – 2:45-3:45PM
RHS Room 150

Are you interested in acting? Stage Crew? Improvisation? Musical Theater? Drama Club is the club for you!

ALL are welcome!

Contact: aleader@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisors: Ms. Goering

Friday @2:45

Room: Freshman Center 109

Join the team and compete against other schools in trivia tournaments throughout the year!

Contact: Jgoering@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Ms. Sonnenberg
Thursday @2:40
Room: 234

GSA strives to build a safe space for all students, encouraging open conversation about the LGBTQ+ community in Rockford. Reach out to Ms. Sonnenberg if you any questions.

Contact Rsonnenberg@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Mr. Karsies
Thursdays @ 2:35pm
Room: 247

The Green Team is an environmental club that focuses on the presentation and improvement of the native Michigan ecosystem. We do environmental projects that will benefit the ecosystem around our school. It is a great opportunity to learn about our environment and how to care for it. We have put in a native garden on campus, and plan to add more. We hope to continue growing and making our school greener. Anyone who is interested in environmental science and preservation is welcome to join.

Contact:AKarsies@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Ms. Decker

Monday @2:30

Room 125

Immerse yourself in amazing books, and enjoy invigorating discussions with your peers.

Contact Jdecker@rockfordschools.org for more information


Advisors: Mrs. Kelly McCullen
Thursday @ 7:10am/2:35pm
Room: Ram’s Den

This is a group of active, friendly student volunteers with a goal to enhance and promote high school based activities that encourage volunteering, philanthropy and leadership development. The active membership (between 50-70) continues to grow throughout the year and students get involved where they are needed.


Advisor: Mr. Ben Frederickson

The 2nd Wednesday of each month @6:45 am

Room 127

Thinking about a career in the medical field? Join FHP and meet like-minded students, learn from various medical professionals from our community, and build your resume to help forward your future career.

Contact: Bfrederickson@rockfordschools.org


Advisor: Mrs. Jackie Decker
Every other week/As needed
Room 125

Join The Newsletter a Biweekly 2-4 page News Source for RHS. Writing articles, Editing, Topic Brainstorming, Design or feel free to suggest other Roles. Level of Commitment is one meeting & turning in rough draft, editing and final touches. Contact: jdecker@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Mr. Feeley

Monday & Thursday @2:45

Located in the tech wing

Design, innovate, build, and compete with an amazing group of peers!

Contact: Jfeely@rockfordschools.org for more information


Advisor: Mrs. Henderson
Wednesdays – Intermittent Meeting Dates
Room 203

DECA is an association of high school students who are planning careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.   It is open to any high school student (10 – 12) that is presently taking a business class or has in the past.  No regular meeting, just 2 – 3 major competitions over the course of the school year, intermittent preparation for those competitions, and opportunities to attend other programing such as “Leadership Conferences”.

For more information email Nhenderson@rockfordschools.org


Advisor: Mrs. Avram

Wednesdays During Lunch

Room : Art Gallery

Welcome to Student Council! What is it? Defined as a revival or rebirth, our club works to recognize, respect, reward all groups of RHS. We want to make our school, sporting events, musical, concerts and everything else better for all students and encourage each other to be successful. Want to help decorate the school, paint windows, make signs, go to events, and work with a group of amazing students and adults, this is the best place for you!

Contact: lavram@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Mr. Van Bragt
Thursdays – 2:40pm
RFC Room: 103

This is a theater club where students practice the skills of improvisation.

By playing games similar to those on the television show “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” students learn spontaneity, character development, timing, and group trust through theatre games.

Contact: tvanbragt@rockfordschools.org for more information.


Advisor: Mrs. Purvis
Fridays @ 7:15am
Room: 215

The RHS Women’s Awareness Club works to end the violence, oppression and sexual exploitation of women around the world. Our main goal is to spread awareness on topics such as: rape culture, sexual assault, dating violence, human trafficking, and abusive relationships. Women’s Awareness works with multiple organizations including: the YWCA, Women at Risk (WAR), Safe Haven Ministries, Women HEAR for Women There, Chicago Books to Women in Prison, etc. All students are welcome to join!

Contact: cpurvis@rockfordschools.org for more information.

Bring Change to Mind–BC2M

Advisor: Mrs. DeKuiper
Thursdays During Lunch
Room: 208

BC2M is a peer to peer club that provides teens with a platform for mental health advocacy.  Members of BC2M will be given the opportunity to connect with students regarding mental health and utilize tools such as HeadSpace and social media to create fun and engaging club activities.

As a new Rockford club, our first steps will be to emulate the actions that previous BC2M clubs have done. Some of these activities include mental-health related crafts and games, school-wide yoga and group meditation, mental health and anti-anxiety summits/ guest speakers, and much more to come!

For those interested please check out the national BC2M Instagram @bc2mhighschool.  RHS will have its own BC2M page soon!


Advisor: Mr. Tremlin
Tuesdays @2:45pm
Room: 214

Model U.N. is a simulation of the United Nations and its procedures for resolving global issues. Students will represent a country and act as a delegate on its behalf. As the ambassador of a nation, students will debate, negotiate, and compromise to reach sustainable solutions on current issues facing the world today. Discussion issues include global health, world conflict, and climate change.

Contact Ktremlin@rockfordschools.org for more information


Advisor: Ms. Vlug & Ms. Blyves
Tuesdays/Thursdays @2:45pm

Want to learn all things animation related? Traditional animation, animation production, and even creating a short film. We will work to create one short film that we submit into various animation and film contests

Contact Avlug@rockfordschools.org or Blyvebai@rockfordschools.org for more information


Advisor: Mrs. Decker
Wednesdays @7am

Room 125

Join us for snacks, hanging out with peers, and learning more about JESUS!

Contact Jdecker@rockfordschools.org for more information


Advisor: Paul
1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month @2:35

Ram’s Den

Join the Leo club and become part of global network of volunteers who are on a mission to make the world a better place. Support our environment, communities, and individuals, and enrich your life in the process.


Advisor: Mr. Tremlin
Thursdays @2:30

Room 214

Do you play guitar? Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Guitar Club is a relaxed environment to learn and play music with friends. All are welcome regardless of skill level. Learn new songs, chords, and soloing techniques on both electric and acoustic guitar.

Contact: Ktremlin@rockfordschools.org

Chamber Music Club

Advisor: Mr. Pitcher

After School on Mondays or Wednesdays

Orchestra Room

This club will be open to any musicians who are interested in playing in small ensembles and learning more about music. I’d also like to find ways to play in the community such as at nursing homes or in town.

For more information email Kpitcher@rockfordschools.org

Students Demand Action

Advisor: Mr. Hieshetter

Wednesdays from 7-7:30am

Room 213

Students Demand Action is a student lead activism group centered around ending gun violence. After a number of school shootings had occurred, students around the country realized that they would have to take action since their lawmakers wouldn’t. Students Demand Action was created after the Parkland shooting in Florida 2016 as an urgent attempt to stop it from happening again. Now, there are more than 600 groups across the United States with volunteers in every state.

For more information email Rhieshetter@rockfordschools.org

Baking Club

Advisor: TBD

Day/Time/Location TBD

Purpose: To provide the Rockford Rams with baked goods, to teach people how to bake, and to create a community of people that love baking. Some possible activities include: baking for ourselves and others, having bake sales, and creating our own recipes to share.

Stay tuned for more information as we get this new club up and running!