Rockford Public Schools Summer Learning Classes

How to register:

  1. Click into the PDF
  2. Hover and click on the offering of choice
  3. The class and registration will display on the screen
  4. Proceed with completing the registration
  5. If you experience issues with registration, please contact Community Services at 616-863-6322.


Registration begins April 2, 2021

Additional 5th Grade Camp Opportunities

Earring Making June 14-24 #3595-U21A
Paper-Mache Art Camp July 12-22 #3589-U21A
Greek Mythology & The 21st Century July 12-22 #3596-U21B
Chess Course Level 1 June 14-24 #3580-U21A
Chess Course Level 1 July 12-22 #3580-U21B
Advanced Chess July 12-22 #3598-U21A
FL Studio 101 June 14-24 #3594-U21A
FL Studio 101 July 12-22 #3594-U21B
Oh, The Places We’ll Go Adventure Awaits! June 14-24 #3590-U21A


Registration begins April 2, 2021


Registration begins April 15, 2021

Open Credit Opportunities
Credit Recovery – For families who received a letter regarding summer credit recovery