Rockford Virtual FAQs:

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Who can enroll in Rockford Virtual?

The program is open to all DK-12 RPS students .

Will RPS provide each child with a laptop?

Yes. Each Rockford Virtual student will be issued a device.

Which curriculum will be delivered? What does the curriculum look like?

Students will participate in online learning paths in a Michigan standards based curriculum through a third party vendor.
• Elementary students will use digital curriculum resources provided by Savvas Realize.
• Secondary students will participate in Apex Learning.

Which subjects are being provided?


Elementary: Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science

Middle and High School: Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Elective Options

How will students be supported?

Each Rockford Virtual student will be assigned to a RPS teacher. Support will look different depending on level, but the RPS teacher will assist by monitoring student progress and attendance, guiding students through the curriculum, providing small group and individual instruction and communicating with families. Students will also have access to the existing intervention programming that is present in each RPS building.

Will students use physical textbooks?

Both Savvas and Apex primarily use digital curriculum and student engagement activities to promote learning. With that said, the elementary Savvas program does come with a physical student workbook.

Are students expected to work solely at home?

Primarily, the answer is yes. However, Rockford Virtual has established physical locations in the district where a student can meet face to face by appointment with a teacher. After enrollment, students will be provided with procedures for attending these optional work locations. There is an elementary room at Parkside Elementary; the secondary room is located at Rockford High School. Both rooms are isolated away from the general population.

What is the daily amount of time students are expected to engage in learning?

Rockford Virtual students will follow the RPS school calendar and participation expectations mimic those of a normal school day. Therefore, students will be expected to engage in approximately five to six hours of daily academic work.

Do parents need to help?

Elementary students will require daily help from a parent or caregiver. Secondary students will benefit from a parent or caregiver’s progress monitoring and accountability support. Parents can monitor progress within the Savvas or Apex interface.

What type of grading can I expect?

Rockford Virtual will be supported by the grading system within the online curriculum program. Secondary students will receive official letter grades by trimester.

What commitment to the program must the students make?

Students that enroll in Rockford Virtual will be asked to commit to the program as their intended educational arrangement for at least one trimester or through November 13th. The purpose of this commitment is to adequately align staff to Rockford Virtual students and to ensure high school students receive maximum awards of credits toward graduation.

Can a student participate within co-curriculars at Rockford Public Schools? 

Yes. Rockford Virtual students are Rockford Public School students and they would be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities at their home building. Students that enroll in online programs outside of RPS would not be eligible.

Can my child participate if we do not have Wifi?

Every attempt will be made to accommodate the student’s technology needs so that anyone interested will have the opportunity to participate.

How can my child enroll in Rockford Virtual?

Online enrollment will open during the first week of August. Registration will occur through the RPS website and the deadline is August 17th.

What can I expect after enrollment?

Each family that enrolls will receive a registration confirmation email that contains course enrollment procedures, a virtual orientation invitation and procedures for starting school. RPS teachers will follow up by contacting the families of the students on their caseload.

Will students be expected to follow a daily schedule?

While both curriculums will offer flexibility for students to learn during times outside of normal school hours, Rockford Virtual students will also be expected to engage in the curriculum and interact with RPS teachers during the normal school day. Students/families will complete a “success plan” that includes a daily schedule after enrollment.

How does course registration work?

Students that register for Rockford Virtual through 10th grade will be enrolled in a standard set of grade specific courses. Students in grades 11-12 will enroll in classes specific to their individual needs for graduation requirements.

Are high school AP classes offered?

Apex does offer some high school AP courses. Each student that qualifies to enroll will work individually with their counselor to determine enrollment options.

Can my high school student enroll in Rockford Virtual and still participate in KCTC?

Yes. Rockford High School will provide scheduling options for both programs.

Will my student that qualifies for special services receive the necessary support?

Yes. Upon enrollment, an RPS Special Services Caseload Provider will review individual accommodation plans for those students that qualify and react on a case by case basis.