On September 5th at 6:30 ERMS will be holding Curriculum night for 7th and 8th grade only.

In each classroom, your child’s teacher will be giving a brief presentation covering classroom rules, homework policies and a general overview of curriculum goals and objectives.  Band, Choir, Orchestra and PE will be in their respective learning spaces.  Please bring a copy of your child’s schedule.

Below is a schedule for the evening:

7th and 8th Grade

First Hour                 6:30-6:40

Second Hour           6:45-6:55

Third Hour               7:00-7:10

Fourth Hour             7:15-7:25

Fifth Hour                7:30-7:40

Sixth Hour                7:45-7:55 

Please ask any staff member for assistance if necessary. Thank you and enjoy the evening!

Below is a copy of the building map.

Curriculum Night Map of school