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Rockford Virtual Enrollment
Trimester 3 – February 17 & 18, 2022

Office Hours

Monday – Friday : 7AM – 3:30PM


Rockford Virtual FAQs:


Who can enroll in Rockford Virtual?

Virtual programming is reserved only for those with unique circumstances related to COVID and permission through an application process is required.

Which curriculum will be delivered?

Teachers in grades K-6 will facilitate student learning using Pearson-Connexus curriculum materials.  The curriculum is aligned to the same content standards as the Rockford grade level curriculum.

Which subjects are being provided?


Elementary (K-6): Core subjects of Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Science, and a choice of 2 electives Art, Music or PE. 

Middle (7-8) and High School: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and limited Elective Options

Where will students work?

Students will work largely at home, but there will be some in-person requirements in 2021.22.  Those are:

  • Standardized testing (NWEA, M-STEP, PSAT/SAT, ACT WorkKeys) applicable by grade.
  • Proctored tests or exams as applicable by grade, course and teacher.

What is the daily amount of time students are expected to engage in learning?

Rockford Virtual students will follow the RPS school calendar and participation expectations mimic those of a normal school day. Therefore, all students will engage in six hours of daily academic work and may expect additional time for homework, particularly at upper grade levels.

Do parents need to help?

Elementary Rockford Virtual

Virtual learning requires a partnership between school and home.  Elementary students will require substantial help from a parent or caregiver. Secondary students will benefit from a parent or caregiver’s progress monitoring and accountability support.

What commitment to the program must the students/parents make?

Elementary Rockford Virtual

Students enroll for the 2021.22 school year.  Students may request to move in person at the trimester, but may only do so if classroom space is available.  Staffing will not be adjusted at the trimester mark to accommodate moves.

Students commit to working each scheduled school day, completing and submitting their own work, attending all live meetings upon request from the teacher, and attending in person requirements (see above).

Parents commit to partnering with staff throughout the year, supporting students as needed by age, reading messages and newsletters for important information and providing transportation as needed for in person requirements (see above).

Can a student participate within co-curriculars at Rockford Public Schools?

Yes. Rockford Virtual students are Rockford Public School students and they are eligible to participate in co-curricular activities at their home building. Students that enroll in online programs outside of RPS are not eligible.

How can my child enroll in Rockford Virtual?

Enrollment for Trimester 3 is scheduled for February 17 and 18, 2022.  Enrollment requests for grades K-5 can be made by contacting the home school office.  Enrollment requests and scheduling for grades 7-12 grade students are made collaboratively with the school counselor.

Following the enrollment request, parents/students can expect to hear from virtual school staff by Tuesday, March 1.

Will students be expected to follow a daily schedule?

Elementary Rockford Virtual

Elementary students will engage in scheduled learning throughout the scheduled school day, with a blend of synchronous lessons, asynchronous lessons and independent work

The curriculum for secondary students is mostly asynchronous, but students are highly encouraged to establish and adhere to a daily routine.  Also, please note that adjustments to the daily routine may be necessary to accommodate testing, interventions, or changes to the program that are in the best interests of virtual students.

Are high school AP classes offered?

Advanced Placement courses will not be offered through Rockford Virtual.

What language courses will be offered through Rockford Virtual?

Students who elect to take their language in the virtual setting are limited to the Spanish offering due to available staff.  Students who wish to take another language offered at Rockford High School may certainly do so in person.

Can my high school student enroll in Rockford Virtual and still participate in KCTC?

Yes. Rockford High School will provide scheduling options for both programs.